• Georgiana Paraschiv

Five life-lessons I learned by 35

Five life-lessons I learned by 35

1. Build your confidence: People will have opinions about you, your life, what you can achieve. Learn when to consider them and when not to. Trust your intuition, and be authentic.

2. Dream big: You can achieve almost anything if you want it, are passionate about it, work for it, have patience, and, most importantly, you don’t give up. 3. Educate yourself: Read books and never stop learning about yourself and the world. 4. Love: Life is about Love.

5. Health(physical health and mental health): Your mind shapes your reality(Your mind is shaped by your experiences, the things/the people you interact with, the food you eat, sleep, enjoying the little things in life, listening to music, etc.). I am grateful for what I learned so far and excited to discover what lies ahead.



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