Advantages and disadvantages of being an artist/creative

Advantages: 1. Your job is fulfilling. 2. Doing creative work is therapeutical. 3. You can express who you are through your work. 4. You can connect with other people in meaningful and rewarding ways. 5. Creative work can give your life meaning. 6. The experimenting and the playful sides of doing creative work are much fun. 7. Being in a state of flow while working is one of the most beautiful things I experienced in my life. 8. You can help/inspire other people through your art. 9. Being your boss is nice. 10. You can have much beauty in your life: beauty, art, fashion, music, etc. An artist consumes more of these things than a regular person because they are part of the job.

Disadvantages: 1. The solitude that comes with it is hard, but a certain level of solitude is necessary to create good work. 2. Being an artist means that what you do is intertwined with who you are as a person. The boundaries between the person and artist, the working time and the free time are often blurred. I genuinely believe that being an artist is a full-time job. Full-time meaning 24/7, at least in your mind. 3. Balancing the artist mindset with the business mindset is challenging. 4. The inner struggles about things like originality and value. 5. You are always trying to reach an ever eluding perfection in your work. This can be frustrating, but, at the same time, it is a good thing, because, if you reached that perfection, there would be no work left to be done. Seeing how your work progresses over time is rewarding, though. 6. You are always pondering about the meaning of life, the meaning of your work, etc. It can be tiresome. 7. Being creative often comes together with mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. 8. You can often feel misunderstood, an alien, different. 9. Being your boss is fun, until the logistics part of the job. 10. The emotional intensity and sensitivity are both a blessing and a curse. I would say that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for sure. ✨🎨✨



  • Georgiana Paraschiv

Five life-lessons I learned by 35

1. Build your confidence: People will have opinions about you, your life, what you can achieve. Learn when to consider them and when not to. Trust your intuition, and be authentic.

2. Dream big: You can achieve almost anything if you want it, are passionate about it, work for it, have patience, and, most importantly, you don’t give up. 3. Educate yourself: Read books and never stop learning about yourself and the world. 4. Love: Life is about Love.

5. Health(physical health and mental health): Your mind shapes your reality(Your mind is shaped by your experiences, the things/the people you interact with, the food you eat, sleep, enjoying the little things in life, listening to music, etc.). I am grateful for what I learned so far and excited to discover what lies ahead.



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